My name’s is Marta. I’m from Rio in Brazil, and I speak Portuguese. My teacher is American.

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Autobiography examples:

First person

second person:


My name is Angel Thomas, I’m 16 years old; I was born on 18th september 1999 in Venezuela. I live in a city called Caracas, with my dad, my sister and my aunt. I’m studying psychology, and I speak five lenguages: French, Italian, German, English and Spanish.

I finished High School in 2018 and I started Collage on 7th August 2018. I learned English when I was 8; French, at 10; and German, at 14.

My name is Ana Maria Arratia Cisterna.I’m 17 years. I am Chilean. I was born on November 19 in 1993.I was born in Limache city. I have lived always in the sameplace. I study at Limache College in the 3 grade.

Family and friends

My parents are Ricardo Arratia and Myriam Cisterna. My father is a security guard and my mother isa teacher. I have two brothers and two sisters they are Jonatan, Abi, Andrea, and Lucas they are 22, 20, 15 and 11 years old. I have a lot of friends, Debora, Daniela,Guisselle, Scarlett, Paulina and Patricia. I think they are funny and friendly.


1- Now it’s your turn! Write a short autobiography
– maximum 12 lines

Follow the topics below / siga os tópicos abaixo:

a)greetings/saudação (hi/hello) name, surname or last name; age/idade, 2 qualidades e 2 defeitos.

b) onde mora/where do you live. When/where you were born Quando e onde nasceu; your nationality/ sua nacionalidade,

c) about your family, who do you live with my sister.. (sobre sua família, com quem mora), if have pets/ se tem amimais de estimação.

d) School grade/Série que estuda

e) where do you study/ onde estuda ; if work (occupation) /se trabalha (profissão), other courses/ outros cursos

f) Seus passatempos/your hobbies.

g) have goals in life/tem metas na vida.

f) Good-byes/Farewells: (despedidas): bye, good bye, see later (nos vemos, até logo) , See you soon (até logo); So long (até, então)

Consulta este site para dizer as disciplinas, cursos de faculdade e como dizer em que série está: Ex: My son is in 3rd grade