Linking words: marcadores discursivos em inglês

Competências e Habilidades: Utilizar conectores indicadores de adição, condição, oposição, contraste, conclusão e síntese como auxiliares na construção da argumentação  e intencionalidade discursiva..

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  1. Complete as frases abaixo com os conectores adequados.

a) For you to make a cake, you need sugar, flour _______ eggs.
b) ____________ sugar, flour and eggs, you need milk to make a cake.
c) I like barbecue, ________ I prefer fried chicken.
d) You have to be careful when you drive, ____________ there are many car accidents nowadays.
e) In order to be a good environmentalist, there are three important steps to follow: _________, you have to like talking about the environment; __________, it’s important to research about the topic; __________, it’s necessary to study a lot.
f) The service at this restaurant is excellent. _________, the food is terrible!

2. Una as frases utilizando o conector em parênteses.

a)Isabel apologised several times. Nevertheless, Paul wouldn’t speak to her. (but)

b) You’re late again. Furthermore, you haven’t brought your books. (and)
c) Rome is a great place to visit. However, it has terrible traffic problems. (despite)
d) We decided to walk. Nevertheless, it was raining. (although)

4) Leia trecho do texto e identifique as linKing words.the summer is the most dangerous season for the Many biomas on the North American west Coast,it extinguishes and deteriorate many ecosystems ,causing irreversible damages.when the first days of july come in the USA,the high temperatures hit harde making linving dificult, in addition the air suffocation many animals and vegetation however the wildfire is not totally harmful to the environment ,it helps to clear out dead wood and other materials that would otherwise have taken much longer to break down and provide soil nutrition for the next generation of trees and plants living in that Forest .

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Exercício 1:
a) and  

b) In addition to/Besides  

c) but

d) as/because/since
Exercício 2:
a) Isabel apologised several times, but Paul wouldn’t speak to her.
b) You’re late again, and you haven’t brought your books.
c) Despite being a great place to visit, Rome has terrible traffic problems.
d) Although it was raining, we decided to walk.

4- Linking words:

– For; in Addition; However; Totally; And; Otherwise.